castor oil gopher chaser and vegetable gardens

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castor oil gopher chaser and vegetable gardens

Postby jtownes » Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:43 pm

I have a HUGE gopher, mole, vole problem in my vegetable garden. I have been aware for several years that castor oil is recommended as an underground critter chaser. This Christmas I saw a new product, Molemax, at Down to Earth in Eugene which has a formulation of castor oil and fuller's earth that is supposed to last a couple of months and do the trick. I enthusiastically requested some as a Christmas present from my son and now have two big bags. And then I read the information on the bag which says it is for "gardens and ornamentals." Does anybody have know if this is safe to use around vegetables and things like blueberry bushes? Do you have any experience with castor oil and whether it works?
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